Obamacare Pre-Existing Conditions

No doubt that the Affordable Care Act has prohibited the insurance companies from refusing insurance to anyone. Now the thing that comes into the focus is that people with chronic illness can get all the care they need that too at the lower cost. Now the question arises is that why the insurance companies are accepting such higher-costs patients? The reason is Obamacare mandates that every individual should buy insurance. Further, mandatory coverage gives enough premiums to the insurance companies from healthy individuals that let them cover those with pre-existing conditions. Some may ask why the mandatory coverage is necessary for the people. Actually, people will just wait until they got some health issues, before buying the insurance. Now, this is not how it works.

The health care plan of President Trump promised to retain the insurance of those with pre-existing conditions. The latest revision of Republicans to the ACA would allow states to refrain from using the conditions clause if they could reduce the rates without it. Now another question arises, i.e., what qualifies as a pre-existing condition. But before you jump into it, it is important to know about the details regarding these conditions. You can take this life insurance quiz and know in detail about pre-existing conditions. According to the insurance companies, they can rule that any test, preventive measure, can be considered as a pre-existing condition. This is due to the reason that 47% of the people with these conditions who picked private insurance were either charged a higher premium or denied coverage. It happened prior to the ACA.

Now the crucial thing that comes into play is how insurance companies get around it. The most important aspect to look at is, the insurance companies have found tactics around the ACA ban. They may also substitute lower-priced generics or may not list few drugs. Well, more than half of the Americans are not aware of the fact that the Affordable Care Act protects them from such ban. If you are the one with the pre-existing condition, then you need not worry whether you can afford to pay for your healthcare. To get more life insurance, health-related or a variety of quizzes, you can visit HealthIQ.com.